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Entretenimento Ensino
Developer: Philippa Crawshaw

We appologise that this free version does not run on the latest OS. We are working to recify this problem.

Pop A Letter from WiseCats: Learning made so SIMPLE, it can’t be anything but FUN!

Popping the letters appeals to any age, interest or ability – you may even find yourself having a go.

They won’t even realise they’re learning their ABCs as it is so much fun

Phonic Head Start

Give your child a head start on learning to read. By learning to quickly identify their letter sounds, they are ready to start putting the letter sounds together when reading words.

Popping letters

Letters appear on screen, inside fun shapes. Some are the ‘right’ letter; some are not. Touch a ‘right’ letter and its shape pops.

Fun ‘I’ve finished’ Screens

At the end of each run through children are given a variety of random ‘play’ screens featuring WiseCats’ cats in space, on mountains etc. These screens are ‘just for fun’ screens that the kids love hitting and seeing ‘what happens’.

Hand Signs or Letters

In addition to learning their letter shapes both American Sign Language (ASL), and British Sign Language (BSL), hand signs are available to help with ‘finger spelling’ for kinetic learners.

Easy Parental Setup

To kids it’s a simple game - hit something, and something fun happens.
For adults it’s a whole alphabet learning environment that they can set up to suit their child. These settings are then automatically saved for the next time the child plays the game.

To keep little hands out, parents have to answer a simple question to get into the settings screen. Parents can then set up:

* Number of Letters to choose between – from 2 – 5 letters/hand signs at a time.
* Which letter groups to test/learn – ten different letter groups to choose from.
* Speed that Pop A Letter shapes appear on screen.
* Size of Pop A Letter shapes
* Background music off/on
* Choice of how letters are presented – as Letters or Handsigns (ASL/ BSL)
* Choice of accent that says the letter sounds: American, British, New Zealand